The Board of Directors motion to authorize dividend payments. Bloomberg Financial Dictionary
A declaration made in the appropriate form to Customs indicating the intention of the declarant to declare goods to the export or import procedure. HM Customs & Revenue Glossary

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declaration dec‧la‧ra‧tion [ˌdekləˈreɪʆn] noun [countable]
1. TAX a statement in which you officially give information, for example about your income or about goods you are importing, which is used to calculate how much tax you will pay
ˈcustoms declaˌration TAX
a declaration by a traveller or an importer relating to goods brought into a country, used as a basis for calculating import tax:

• It is important that customs declaration forms are correct and fully completed.

ˈtax declaˌration TAX
a declaration to the tax authorities of how much you have earned during a particular year, used to calculate how much tax you will have to pay:

• The lawyers for the estate say that they are currently preparing an amended tax declaration.

2. a statement in which you officially give information about yourself:

• The lender requires you to make a declaration that your income is sufficient to meet your monthly payments.

3. INSURANCE a statement signed by someone asking for insurance, promising that the details they have given on the insurance agreement are correct
4. INSURANCE a statement made by someone who has taken out insurance, giving details of the goods insured to the insurance company

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declaration UK US /ˌdekləˈreɪʃən/ noun [C or U]
an official or public statement about something, or the act of making a statement: make/sign a declaration »

The Board made a public declaration of support for its chairman.


the ILO's declaration of principles on multinational enterprises and social policy

LAW, INSURANCE a written statement that you sign, giving information or saying that something is true, or the act of making a statement: make/submit a declaration »

Despite it being a legal requirement, some traders submit their declarations late, or not at all.


You will be asked to sign a copyright declaration before you start work on the project.


The insurance declaration stated that the vehicles which would be used for such journeys were covered by suitable insurance.

FINANCE, TAX a written statement to the tax authorities containing information about money you have earned, etc., or the act of making a statement: »

If your earnings are above these levels, you must make a declaration.

LAW a legal decision made by a court of law, or the act of making a decision: »

a court declaration on the application of the law

apply for/seek a declaration »

The appellant sought a declaration that he had succeeded to the tenancy of the flat under the Rent Act of 1977.

See also CUSTOMS DECLARATION(Cf. customs declaration), TAX DECLARATION(Cf. ↑tax declaration)

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